Friends of St Nicholas’ Church

Do you want to save St. Nicholas Church?

 If you do, maybe you will take time to read this…

 Many of us have family connections going back over three generations. Maybe we were christened there, confirmed there, married there, or have loved ones laid to rest there, and all the other times when a local, well maintained church is the only option.

As with our own houses we do our best to look after them by keeping up with the painting inside and out. Cleaning the gutters is always a must and the drains have to be kept unblocked. St. Nicholas, Sturry, is God’s House we are talking about, which we use and have used over the years in one way or another.

Are we prepared to let it go to ruin? 

It would be a tragedy if these connections were irrevocably broken.

The Structure of our church is deteriorating and unless remedial work is undertaken soon we are likely to lose it.

The initial rough estimates for full repairs total approximately £32,000 plus VAT. An enormous sum of money! However, not all the work has to be done at once. Priorities can be made. Many of the items listed in the survey may not be essential in the immediate future, we can spread our costs over several years.

The important thing is that if we want to save St. Nicholas Church we must all pull together and many of you may have very good ideas of how we can achieve the funding or how we can undertake some of the work ourselves. We have a programme of building maintenance to be carried out over the next five years.

Also in our ideas, we would like to see ‘updates’ to the church, to bring it in the C21st,  particularly the damp floor areas. Any ideas you have to achieve this would be much appreciated.

Meanwhile to get this very important show on the road, the fundraising has begun. We ourselves have started the ball rolling by producing and selling 2010 Village Calendars and holding concerts each month up to the Christmas events. In the New Year we have a programme which will be publicise as soon as the dates are definite.

Any donation, no matter how small will be very helpful and any ideas and suggestions will be welcome.

Thank you for reading this.

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Chairman The Friends of St. Nicholas Church

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